Should You Try Keto Diet? Get Your Answered Here

Obesity has attracted a lot of attention to mankind in the last few decades. As obesity is a physical problem, but dealing with it in a smarter way makes it way much easy to deal with.   

Keto is the word, which each and every person who came through weight loss and healthy lifestyle following persons must have heard of.

The keto diet is low carb and high-fat diet. The main purpose of the keto diet is to achieve a metabolic state known as ketosis, in which the body uses mainly fat for energy requirement instead of carbohydrate.

What you should eat in a keto diet?

It is essentially a high-fat diet, in which you consume around 80 percent of fat, 15 percent of protein and 5 percent of carbs for energy requirement in each day.

Fat: They are the biggest energy source in the keto diet. It is recommended to consume unsaturated fat only, these are liquid at room temperature.

The source of unsaturated fat is almond oil, olive oil, walnuts, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds, wild salmon, butter from grass-fed cows, whole milk, etc. It is also recommended to avoid saturated fats and trans fat in the diet, as they tend to increase cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

Proteins: The Keto diet is not a high protein diet, this is because the high protein in the diet is converted to glucose by the process of gluconeogenesis thereby, restricting the ketosis. The food that is a source of protein in the normal healthy diet is to be consumed as it is but in a restricted amount.

Grass-fed meat is considered great for the keto diet because it contains a high level of omega 3 fatty acids that are actually an advantage to keto consumers.

Carbohydrate: This is to be consumed in minimal quantity in a keto diet. The high carb food items are recommended to be avoided on a keto diet.

Should you try it?

Here are a few reasons that might make you think about trying a keto diet.

  • 1
    Type 2 diabetes: It was found in one research that 60 percent participants on keto diet were able to reverse diabetes after following the keto diet for one year. With an average loss of 30 lbs weight, they made it possible to eliminate or reduce their insulin or other hypoglycemic drug requirements. People also agrees with the fact that the keto diet is way too easy to follow than other calories restricted diet.
  • 2
    Obesity: If your BMI is over 28 and you are suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus, then keto diet can be proven to be very helpful to you.
  • 3
    Keto diet is recommended in treatment-resistant epilepsy and other neurological conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

What are the Risks involved?

The promised benefits of keto diet are pretty much impressive but there are some risks associated with it.

  • As there is a complete shift from the dietary habits of an individual. And the options for satisfying taste buds are very much less, this makes it very tough to stick with the keto diet.
  • It is also common for a person on a keto diet to feel symptoms like keto flu, gastric upset, headache, and fatigue. Keto flu is very common at first, as you lose pretty much water weight initially, which leads to dehydration. With dehydration, the effective concentration of ketone increases in blood, thus embarking the symptoms of keto flu.
  • Other potential risks are kidney stones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Also, you might consume trans fat or saturated fat due to lack of awareness this leads to problems associated with cardiovascular symptoms.

Better Substitute to Keto Diet

The alternative option to the keto diet is the exogenous ketones. The use of exogenous ketones for weight loss is the very hot topic in the market at the moment. The reason after its popularity is that it is very easy to follow and it prevents the risk factors associated with regular Keto diet.

The market is full of such supplements, but we recommend you to use only scientifically proven, lab tested and doctor recommended products. So based on customer reviews and results, we highly recommend you to use Keto Fuel FX, Core BHB by BioKeto, Perfect Keto, Pruvit KETO OS.

You can choose the product as per your convenience out of these best available option. But we recommend going for Keto Fuel Fx, as BHB+MCT oil and capsule formulation makes it a better option to go for.

Exogenous ketones working

Exogenous ketones are ingested through oral route and accumulate in the blood and increase the ketone concentration. This raised concentration of ketone body in the blood puts the body in ketosis manually.

These ketones are the kickstart to the body to achieve ketosis easily. And we all know till now that the preferable source of energy to the body in the ketosis is the fat. This makes the body to use fat for energy instead of carbs preferably.

How does it help to overcome the risks associated with the keto diet?

The laborious phase is when the body has to shift from carb to fat for energy. This transition is very hard and put a lot of pressure on the body, as ketosis is achieved naturally by fasting or with a keto diet.

We all know that both of these are way too difficult to follow, so exogenous ketones assist the body to achieve the ketosis quickly. The risk factor associated with keto diets like keto flu and dehydration is not a big problem with ketone supplement. Also, these supplements contain other micronutrients to meet the demand, as their deficiency is also a big problem in the keto diet.

Who Should Avoid It?

  • People who have certain metabolic issues should first check with their physician.
  • Children must take advice from the pediatrician.
  • In pregnant women, the ketosis can cause disproportionate growth to the foetus.
  • Breastfeeding women should avoid ketosis state at least upto six month of exclusive breast feeding.
  • Geriatric and chronically ill patients are advised to consult their doctor.


As it is clear that ketosis is a great opportunity for weight loss and management. It can be done naturally by keto diet, fast or artificially by exogenous ketone supplements.

The risk factors associated with natural method makes it very tough to follow, so the best option among two is to achieve ketosis by artificial means i.e exogenous ketone supplements. Because the exogenous ketone supplements make the process very quick and easy, also they help to meet the nutrient deficiency as well.