Why Keto Diet: Is It Worth a Shot?

Every human being wants to stay healthy and fit, but our modern day lifestyle is changing from active to sedentary one. It is well said that “Health is Wealth”, but for increasing our wealth we are bound to compromise with our health. The life expectancy of human hasn’t increased with proportion to increased medical facilities because we are increasing the risk for other life-threatening diseases associated with obesity. It is impossible that a person who is trying to lose some weight hasn’t heard about keto diet. Now all hopes are on the keto diet for the betterment of human health, as we aren’t able to compromise with our lifestyle. Keto diet came as a boon for all the obese or overweight humans.

What Is The Keto Diet?

Keto diet is basically high fat and low carb diet. You might wonder and ask, “is consuming fat for digesting excess body fat is feasible?”

The answer is “Yes”.

You can understand this in terms of an old proverb:

Diamond cuts diamond.

Speaking in terms of phrase, Fat burning is also same. It also has a scientific explanation that fat in the diet increases ketones which facilitate and promote further fat consumption. Keto diet produce the stage of ketosis in body, which is the state of increased ketone bodies in body fluids.

Now The Question Arises: Why Keto Diet?

Keto diet has been observed to be a better modality for weight loss and regulating blood cholesterol levels than other modes of weight loss. Keto diet has a lot of health benefits that make the keto diet great modality for various health benefits. There are countless benefits of keto diet, some are mentioned here which direct the person to give it a shot.

1. Easy to follow:

Keto diet is quite easy to follow comparative to Atkins or low carb diet, you don’t need to spare extra time from your daily routine. All you need to do is to maintain a keto diet chart on the internet or with the help of a dietician as per your calorie requirement and follow it completely throughout the day. Calorie requirement may vary from person to person, you need to cut your calorie for weight loss but for other health benefits you need to maintain the calorie consumption requirement through keto diet.

2. Decreased appetite:

Insulin level in blood has direct effect on stimulating the appetite. This starts with consumption of carbohydrate, the glucose level in the blood stimulate the secretion of insulin. This insulin stimulate the glucose uptake by body cells then it further stimulate the brain for further consumption of carbohydrate. With keto diet, this vicious cycle for obese person breaks and the appetite is automatically suppressed as there is initially low consumption of carbs and insulin is at its minimal level. This results in appetite suppression.

3. Anti-aging effect:

As mentioned above that the level of insulin is minimal with keto diet. This decreased insulin level in the body causes reduction of oxidative stress on the body. This reduced level of oxidative stress is the modality to increase the lifespan of a human. Thus keto diet has anti-aging effect as well.

4. Decreased blood sugar:

It clearly makes sense that if we are consuming low carbs then their amount in the blood will be less. So decreased blood sugar helps to cope up with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Decreased consumption of carbs in the diet maintains the level of blood glucose, Hb1Ac, and cholesterol at optimum.

5. Cardiovascular problems are taken care of:

Cardiovascular problems are directly related to the blood sugar and cholesterol level. The increased glucose level in the blood causes vascular injuries and attracts pathogens which causes further vascular compromise. Increased cholesterol causes narrowing of the vascular lumen, which jeopardizes the blood supply to the organ involved. But keto diet regulates the blood glucose and cholesterol level so remarkably that health problems associated with vascular involvement are drastically reduced.

6. PCOS prevention and Improved prognosis:

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is found to be associated with an increased level of insulin and obesity. So, it is advised to the women to opt for a keto diet in order to restore her fertility and other complications associated with the PCOS.

7. Helps in Cancer:

This might sound a little awkward that how can keto diet helps with the prognosis of cancer, but this is actually true. Cancer cells have a high turnover rate, that makes them to depend completely on glucose as the energy source. Cancer cells make the nearby cells to starve in order to fulfill their energy demands. In keto diet there is not so much available glucose for metabolism this makes cancer cells to starve and improve the prognosis of cancer.

8. Alzheimer’s:

It is the state of inflammation and degradation of brain cells this is supposedly due to insulin resistance, which makes the brain cells unable to utilize glucose. But in keto diet, the brain can survive on ketones for energy sources. A research paper claims that a great improvement was found in a patient with Alzheimer on the keto diet.

9. Easier to fast:

With keto diet, you can fast easily as the ketosis state suppress the appetite, it becomes quite easy to fast during keto diet follow up. On a regular carb diet, a normal person is not able to pass 12 hours without consuming food but with a keto diet, anyone can pass easily 16 hours without consuming any food.

10. Fatty liver disease:

A study claims that people on keto diet have shown significant improvement on histology and functioning of the liver in the patient suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

11. Energy level stabilization:

With regular carbohydrate diet, the energy level of your body varies from time to time and depend on the amount of meal taken. After consumption of food, the body is on high energy level but the level of mental alertness is low because the focus of body is on digestion of food, and before eating the level of glucose is low which makes the body to feel lethargic. In both the states, the level of mental alertness is low, which makes us less productive mentally. But in a keto diet, the body energy level is throughout the day is constant, which makes us feel more energetic and more productive mentally for the longer duration.


As it is evident that a keto diet has a tons of health benefits including weight loss. You are not supposed to do any extra effort for weight management, all you need to do is just follow a simple ketogenic diet, and lots of health benefits will follow you soon. Most importantly it is a no drug treatment for all these disorders, just by following keto diet. So it is worth a try to go for it, as it will save you time, money and improve your health status as well.